CPD 23 Thing 5: Reflective Practice

We ‘studied’ reflective practice on my librarianship course and while it’s something that I feel is a sensible idea, it’s not really something that I enjoy doing in a formal way and it doesn’t feel natural.  The blog post for CPD 23 has lots of helpful advice and recommended reading though and reflection will be a big part of Chartership, if I decide to pursue that at a later date.

I’m quite enjoying having a blog and having my own space to record ideas and keep track of what’s going on.  CPD 23 has introduced me to some new things, such as Storify, and given me the space to investigate others, like Twitter and  blogging.  The hardest part has been finding the time to actively participate in CPD 23, and I have struggled to catch up as I started late.  Reassuringly, participating in CPD23 has reminded me that I’m not alone and time is a pressure for most people participating.   My plan is to use my blog to record details of courses and events I have participated in, which I haven’t had chance to do yet.  I need to catch up with CPD 23 quickly and get round to typing up my course notes.  I’m still getting to grips with my personal brand and I feel that this is something that I will be working on and thinking about for some time yet, which is fine.


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