CPD 23 Thing 7: Real life networks

I’m a member of several networks including CILIP and LISNPN.  As I work in an academic institute I also get to network through JISC, and in terms of training courses and opportunities to meet people in a similar role to me, this is the most valuable organisation I am affiliated with.  I have mixed feelings about CILIP and over recent years I have seen the benefits shrink as the cost increases.  I don’t also feel I can fully participate with what CILIP offers as a large number of courses take place in London and often the cost is a constraint.  I’ve stuck with CILIP, because I want it to be an organisation I am proud to be a part of, but it’s got a long way to go to get there at the moment.  I’ve signed up to LISNPN, but I haven’t really got involved and I probably see this as more of an online network at the moment.  From the CPD 23 list, I think the network I would most like to investigate is LIKENorth, although there doesn’t seem to have been much happening there recently.

In her CPD 23 blog post Suzanne noted how she used Linkedin and Twitter to interact with ‘real-life networks’ and I think it’s become increasingly important to see that online and real life networks are not distinct.  You can get involved in conferences you can’t attend by following hashtags on Twitter and online networks are increasingly becoming the main source of information about events that are taking place in the library world.


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