CPD 23 Thing 9: Evernote

I was very pleased with myself for catching up with CPD23 and then along came Evernote, and I’ve been delayed again!

I really want to like Evernote and I want to make it work for me.  The idea that I can theoretically access information from work and home as well as on my mobile phone sounds fantastic.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t been able to get Evernote to work properly.

I was surprised to find I was able to download Evernote onto my PC at work (which I thought would be an issue because I don’t have admin rights!).  So, far so good.  When I came to download it at home I’ve had nothing but problems and I can only get it to run in Firefox, not through Internet Explorer.  Okay, I thought, I can work around that.  So I happily tried out adding some notes at home.  I come into work and I can’t see the notes I made at home.  If I use the web version to make a note I can see it when I log-in on my desktop, but if I use my desktop version, it doesn’t appear on the web version when I log-in!

On my work PC I can use the Evernote button to save emails, for example, but this will not work with websites and the web clipper tool won’t work.

I’ve downloaded the app for my mobile phone and that seems to be working syncing successfully for viewing items, but that’s about it!

I haven’t even got near to the feature that sparked my interest, which was the ability to save comments on web pages!

So, in order to move on with CPD23 (and with my life!) I’m giving up with Evernote for the time being.  I’m really disappointed, as it seems from reading other people’s blog entries for this ‘Thing’ Evernote has the potential to be a really useful tool.


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