CPD 23 Thing 17: The Medium is the Message – Prezi and Slideshare


I’ve used Prezi before for a library induction, and looking back I would say I got carried away with the ability to whizz around and zoom in and out.  I felt like I had motion sickness by the time I’d finished creating it!  I also found that the pictures I had been given to use were not of a high quality and this really impacted on the quality of the finished prezi.

It is on my list of things to do, to have another go and create an overview of the LRC and the services we offer to go on Moodle.  It will give me the opportunity to try out the tips for using Zamzar for file conversion.  It seems like Picnik, which was recommended for editing and adapting images, is no longer in existence and has been amalgamated into Google+ (another Thing to investigate I suppose!).


I’ve found Slideshare really useful for catching up with presentations that have taken place at events that I haven’t been able to attend.  It can be a bit strange to look at the presentation without the context of the person delivering the presentation, but it’s often better than nothing.

Slideshare often doesn’t work on the computers at work, which is frustrating, and I can’t work out what the problem is.  (The recommended example to look doesn’t work despite trying different browsers and computers.)

I’ve never used it as a space for storing my own work, so this is something to consider further.


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