CPD 23 Thing 18: Jing / Screen capture / podcasts (making them and following them)

Screen Capture

I’ve used Camtasia and Adobe Captivate in the past for creating screen captures for instructional videos for the library.  I’ve been on a course with JISC on using these tools, which was really informative, but I’ve never had enough time to dedicate to really getting to grips with the software and using it to it’s full advantage.

I’ve never used Jing before but it looks interesting.  Only having 5 minutes to record might be a bit of an issue, but from experience I’ve found that students appreciate videos to be short and to the point.


I am not keen on the sound of my own voice so I won’t be creating any podcasts for the library out of choice!  As a student, I’ve appreciated it when lectures are recorded and made available as podcasts.  Both the University of Oxford and the University of Sheffield had this facility, although at Sheffield it’s only available to current students through the VLE.  My colleagues at work have used Audacity in the past and recommend it, so I’m sure I will be expected to get to grips with it soon.


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