CPD 23 Thing 19: Catch up week on intergrating Things

Well, I’m still playing catch-up – I’m even behind on catch-up week. 

To reflect back over the programme so far, I’ve found it really interesting and I’ve challenged myself to learn more about tools I already know, such as Prezi and to investigate tools I’ve never used before such as Twitter.

I’ve decided this week to set up a separate Twitter account for my personal interests and keep my boundtounravel account just for library-related items and to prune down the accounts I am following.  I’m still finding it a struggle to engage with Twitter, but every so often I find a gem on it, such as the link to the news that Quick Reads books were on offer, and it convinces me to stick with it.  Hopefully organising my account and being more selective will help me to feel more in control and on top of my account.

I’ve downloaded FeedDemon to use as a replacement RSS feed reader for Bloglines and this is working well for me.  I have it as a desktop application that I can use at work and at home and the information is synced.  I can also add Twitter feeds into FeedDemon so I am considering subscribing to some of the more prolific, but useful feeds through here, rather than through my Twitter account so I can check them at a convenient time and keep any important information handy.

The Thing that continues to make me smile the most is having a blog to record and organise all my ideas.  I feel that it’s something I will continue with after the CPD 23 programme has finished, creating my own collection of links, tools, information and tips.


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