Copyright links

One of the things I identified as needing my attention in my post on CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base was getting to grips with copyright.

In December 2012 a government white paper, the Hargreaves review, was published.  (Thanks go to the Collections in a Cold Climate blog where I saw this news.)

This post aims to be a reference list of links to information on copyright, particularly focusing on the impact this review will have in the education sector.

Update 13th March 2013

Copyright for Librarians: The Essential Handbook is available as a PDF from the EIFL.  (Source – CILIP Update February 2013.)

Also from EIFL: Developing a Library Copyright Policy

Update 5th April 2014

CILIP – Changes to UK copyright law and how they could affect you

CILIP – Copyright – What’s happening?

Updated 14th May 2014

JISC RSC – Copyrights and Wrongs site


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