PechaKucha vs BettaKulcha

On Thursday 14th March I attended a PechaKucha event organised by PechaKucha Huddersfield and the Huddersfield Literature Festival. PechaKucha is presentation style where speakers talk on something they are interested in using 20 slides with each slide being shown for 20 seconds. The evening had a literary flavour, with the 10 presenters taking inspiration from the theme of books […]

Copyright links

One of the things I identified as needing my attention in my post on CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base was getting to grips with copyright. In December 2012 a government white paper, the Hargreaves review, was published.  (Thanks go to the Collections in a Cold Climate blog where I saw this news.) This post aims to be a reference […]

From 23 to 39

I’ve just nicely printed off my certificate for 23 things and now I’ve got another 39 to look at! Just before we finished for Christmas, Scott Hibberson from JISC offered a session at our staff development day on 39 steps to embedding digital literacy into teaching and learning. The 39 steps are suggestions of tools […]

CPD 23 Thing 21: Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview

Identifying your strengths, capitalising on your interests Unsurprisingly, one of my biggest passions revolves around books and reading.  (It might seem silly to mention this, but I went to library school with several people who were not at all interested in books, and I’ve worked in public libraries alongside members of staff who never read, […]