From 23 to 39

I’ve just nicely printed off my certificate for 23 things and now I’ve got another 39 to look at!

Just before we finished for Christmas, Scott Hibberson from JISC offered a session at our staff development day on 39 steps to embedding digital literacy into teaching and learning.

Steps, Bradford University

CC Image courtesy of Tim Green on Flickr

The 39 steps are suggestions of tools and resources that are freely available and don’t take much time to get to grips with.  For me, the 39 steps is a great stepping stone from 23 things as the 39 things can all be used in educational environments so there are lots of specific and practical uses for myself and my colleagues and I hope these are things we can integrate into our day-to-day work.

My plan for making the most of 39 steps is to play 39 steps bingo over the next few weeks.  I’m going to try to write blog posts that will look at these tools, but rather than doing them in order I’m going to try to pick out the ones I can make practical use of and then blog about it.

This post covers numbers 31 – Blogging and 33 – Flickr as I have been very aware that my blog is lacking in pictures!  Thanks go to Librarian by Day for this helpful post on attributing the photo to the copyright holder and to this post and these You Tube videos from Fitting Sites for helping me work out how to embed the picture in the first place! (Also thanks to WordPress Tips site for help with columns  – feeling like I’ve learned lots today on the blogging front!)

Wish me luck – the full list is as follows:

1 – Google Drive
2 – Titan pad
3 – Class Dojo (classroom management)
4 – Dropbox
5 – Study Stack
6 – QR codes
7 – Word clouds
8 – Twitter for teachers
9 – Social Media and employability
10 – Exploring Digital Identity
11 – Create your own e-book
12 – Bitly
13 – Geocaching
14 – Referencing
15 – Wallwisher
16 – Social bookmarking
17 – Audionote
18 – Word Dynamo
19 – You Tube Edu
20 – Skype
21 – Slideshare
22 – Prezi
23 – Edmodo
24 – Screen capture
25 – Pinterest
26 – Animoto
27 – Visibile tweets
28 – Mind mapping
29 – Meeting scheduler
30 – Survey Monkey
31 – Blogging
32 – Professional networking
33 – Flickr
34 – Infographics
35 – Audio feedback
36 – Facebook
37 – Visually Impaired apps
38 – Digital storytelling
39 – Audacity

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